In September we were in Chile, presenting my documentary IM FLUSS DES LEBENS - WITHIN THE FLOW OF LIFE!!!

Finally we had the opportunity to present the film in person in Santiago de Chile. The band SOL Y LLUVIA showed some of the images in their concert in capital's national stadium. That week we had more presentations of the film, as well as some interviews. Thank you, Chile, for welcoming us with open arms!

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Entry 1: Ready, steady, go! - Vienna Airport, September 3rd 2014

On August 7 Edaniel gets a phone call from Alvaro from the Chilean band Sol y Lluvia...
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Entry 2: Rain and tears in La Piedra Feliz - Valparaíso, September 4 2014

The first breeze is mire refreshing and colder than expected, as we get off the plain in Santiago ...
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Entry 3: Jetlag at the studio - Santiago, September 5 2014

Our own house in a nice neighbourhood in Santiago, it doesn't get much better than that...
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Entry 4: Live at the Stadium! - Santiago, September 6 2014

The day of the concert has arrived!
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Entry 5: Memorial March and dried Fruit - Cajón del Maipo, September 7 2014

One event is followed by another!
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Entry 6: Softening barriers - September 9 2014

10 am
First Interview of the day with the wonderful Nelly Carrasco of Radio "Nuevo Mundo" (=New World)...
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