We can already feel that we are imbalanced in little things, especially those of us who lay focus on their Being and personal development. I help my clients in identifying the causes for physical and emotional dissonance and finding an approach to access their own source of power again.

We live in a time of constant movement and are very much challenged by the quick changes - this applies to ALL areas, from physical diseases, injuries or emotional dead ends. It may very well draw your attention more if you consciously engage in your body (i.e. Yoga, intensive sports), if you are a person that has been sensitized to his or hers body's signals.

My work is completely intuitive. I don't follow a certain tought routine in the treatments, but let my intuition guide me. I listen, and I feel. Systematic impulses support the healing process in order for your body, mind and soul to get back in balance and make healing from within possible. To let your vital energy flow freely!

You don't have to come by for weekly appointments - just regularly and consciously work with yourself, in which I can help you as an outsider. 

Complement your personal yoga practice with Energy Treatments at Bali Yoga Vienna

  Being with your heart open, full of joy, and fearlessly giving in to life!


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