A little selection of companions, travel information and tipps:

André Schumacher - ... tells beautiful candle light stories ...
Bio Health Farm - Birgit & Josef Schattbacher invite you to enjoy their family run farm in Salzburg
Birgit Maier - graphic designer
CraftWerk - Workshops to make your own shoes
Daniela Schiller - energy work
Der Steinerwirt - a different kind of cultural hotel experience in Zell am See
Gregor Sieböck - World Wanderer and much more
Kraftquelle Kitzbühel - Martina Egger & Gerli Ginanneschi: yoga, acupuncture, mid-wive ...
Mani Sonnenlink - the first certified organic hotel of Greece in a truly magical place
New Dawn Traders - energetic campaign for sail trade and slow cargo movement
Nuhrovia - sun for the soul: natural goods hand made for your well-being
Schweibenalp - community, seminar house, permaculture and inspiring people in Switzerland

Patagonia (North to South):

¡Ecole!- cozy eco hostel & restaurant with lots of advice (ie. Cañi Reserve in Pucón
Andes Patagonia - into the wild / advice off tourist paths, lodging & restaurant in Rio Puelo
Chaitur Excursion - tours & advice from Chaitén to Parque Pumalín (Nicolas speaks englisch)
Patagonia Sin Represas Campagne - frequent status-updates, about the rivers in Patagonia 
Entre Hielos Lodge - lodge in Caleta Tortel
Aonikenk - hostel and tour guide (Sebastian from Germany) in Punta Arenas


    DONATIONS NEEDED - Supporting the autonomous existence of the native community of „Yines“ in the Peruvian rain forest and protecting non-contacted indigenous tribes